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Magnetic Therapy
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Print Order Sheet  fill in your order with required information for your records. Use this information to email your order to me. 
When ordering by email, use information on order sheet. Be sure to inform me of the electronic payment method.  Click on Payment Link at bottom and transact payment.
 Place Orders By:-
#1 - email - (The Best Way) Please Include The Following
  • Item #
  • Category (ex. Bracelets 1)
  • Description
  • Price
  • Quantity Ordered

    Include The Following Information

  • Name
  • Complete Shipping (Street) Address
  • Telephone #

My preferred way of transacting is with Pay Pal. With Pay Pay there is never a cost to you for purchasing on the internet. If you do not have an account with Pay Pal, click on the link below and sign up. Your account is free and you can get $5.00 for signing up. 

Order Form - Print Out

Order Form

# Ordered
Stock #

Product Description          

Unit Cost
Total Cost

















Total Sub Order
Shipping & Handling  (up to $40.00)                                                                                          
$        6.00
Add  8%  To Orders Over $40.00
Total Order            


Any Overage In Shipping & Handling Will Be Refunded With Order   

 Thank You For Your Order

Ship To:

Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Street Address:__________________________________________________________________


Telephone # ______________________________

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